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(rī)1 has a nice deep, rich, amber color; the nose is very spicy forward with cinnamon and thai pepper-like notes on top of a sweet caramel base. There are some slight notes of wet cardboard on the nose, but from the get-go, the nose screams “spice, spice, spice”.

The taste of (rī)1 is cinnamon and caramel with a slight bit of the wet cardboard that’s on the nose. There’s some nice heat on the palate but at 92 proof it’s a lot less hot than you’d expect. (rī)1 has a medium finish that has some nice sour apple notes to it. While it’s not a particularly long finish I really enjoy how it smoothly and evenly finishes out.

Cin & Spice
2oz (rī)1 Whiskey
1oz fresh tangerine juice
1/2oz cinnamon (bark) syrup (I used Trader Tiki’s Cinnamon Syrup)
1/4oz fresh lemon juice


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