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Breaker Bourbon

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Vital Stats: Breaker is a limited release bourbon from a selection of eight barrels, aged for a minimum of five years. It is 45% abv, 90 proof. Mine is bottle number 527 from batch number two. The mash bill is corn, rye, and barley, and the blend is sourced from Indiana.

Appearance: The color is a rich amber, but isn’t necessarily dark. Legs are jaunty; they don’t form neat lines in the side of the glass, instead of leaving pools of whiskey that look like rain droplets.

Nose: A sweet and fruity bouquet fills the air while I let the whiskey rest in a lowball glass. Notes of heavy vanilla, grapefruit, and coconut are complemented by pepper and caramel.

Palate: Vanilla kicks off the show, with lightly charred oak flavors swirling around together with a caramel finish. It definitely tastes just like it smells, and leaves me with a teeny tiny bit of rye spice surprise on the end. It’s just enough to add a touch of complexity and spice without overpowering the spirit with a rye punch in the mouth. The finish is very smooth and gently lingers on your tongue with a sweet kiss of caramel.


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